The Best Hotels for a Unique Getaway

Generally, when travelers book a hotel, it may not be at their destination point. It may just be a pit stop on the way to an ultimate destination: an ordinary, common sort of place to rest up. However, there does exist such hotels that are so unique and outrageously bizarre, they are not only the ultimate destination, they are the main attraction. Whether it’s a European getaway or luxury train vacations you’re after, there’s sure to be some fabulous hotels you won’t want to miss along the way.

There are several different types of rare hotels that are centered on nature. Nature is much more than just a theme at these resorts: it’s the main heart of the structure. In Sweden, Kenya, Costa Rica and Turkey, there exist hotels that are nested in treetops, appropriately called tree house hotels.

Gardens are also pre-existing growths in nature that can, apparently, be transformed into elaborate hotels as well. Long before Gravetye Manor existed, there was a garden on the grounds designed by garden designer William Robinson.

There are also hotels made entirely out of materials found in nature that need to be replaced and rebuilt each year. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden and the Hotel de Glace in Cuschenay Canada endure a melt every spring and need rebuilding for the upcoming year. There is also another snow hotel in Yilas, Finland known as the Snow Castle.

There are hotels which have been created on grounds that most architects would not even give thought to. There are two hotels in the world built on bunkers from former nuclear war. One is located in Tuefen Appenzellerland, Switzerland and the other can be found in Albania.

Even if you’re looking to stay in the United States, there are even unique hotels right in our home country. Turpentine Creek is a hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas that doubles as a zoo. Guests are able to stay in rooms connected to the zoo, tour the resident big cats’ habitats, and all proceeds go to the animals. If you find yourself in Boston, you can actually stay in an old jail that is now named the Liberty Hotel.

If being near the ocean is your ideal vacation, you may even want to try an underwater hotel. One underwater hotel is the Utter Inn in Lake Malaren in Sweden. There is also another underwater hotel in Key Largo, Florida called Jules’ Undersea Lodge. These suites in this hotel can only be reached by scuba diving.